THE TIMES rated Variety Cruises' Seychelles cruise program among "THE 10 BEST CRUISES ON SMALL SHIPS"

posted on Wednesday 20 May 2015

named by THE TIMES and THETIMES.CO.UK as one of the

Athens, Greece – 20 May 2015Variety Cruises' seven-night cruise around the Seychelles islands, operated on a year-round basis by the 21-cabin M/Y Pegasus, is featured amongst the 10 Best Cruises on Small Ships in THE TIMES and THETIMES.CO.UK

“It is with great honor that we receive such recognition from THE TIMES” said Mr. Lakis Venetopoulos, President of Variety Cruises. “It was back in 2012, when the M/Y Pegasus launched her inaugural island-hopping cruise across the Seychelles islands. The effort and hard work of our team and our partners to establish the niche small ship cruise product in the Seychelles, have positioned the company as the best way to explore the stunning Seychelles islands by sea.”


About Variety Cruises:

Variety Cruises is the fastest expanding company in the Small Ships niche market and has, since 1968, been offering travelers from all over the world the ultimate Small Ship Cruise experience in the Mediterranean, the Seychelles, Cuba, Costa Rica and the Panama, the Canary Islands and the Cape Verde Archipelago. Variety Cruises upscale Mega Yachts and casual Motor Sailers provide an intimate and relaxed environment, a comfort filled starting point for the discerning travelers as they discover the destination in its purest form. Variety Cruises’ experiential itineraries embrace each destination by allowing guests ample leisure time in each port to discover sites of great historical and cultural importance, the culinary traditions as well as the local nightlife of each port of call. Variety Cruises’ ships dock right in the heart of the destination and offer multiple swim stops right off the vessel in secluded bays, always combining the world's most famous destinations with the off-the-beaten track locales inaccessible to large cruise ships.



Variety Cruises is rated 4.86 stars by based on 143 merchant reviews

4.86 / 5 Rating
143 Reviews
We cruised the Galileo August 17, 2018 and it was fantastic! I absolutely loved the ship! The entire crew went out of their way to make it a wonderful experience. The rooms are nice and the food is very good. The views from the ship are beautiful and each island is different. I loved the intimacy of the smaller ship. It was truly a trip of a lifetime. I highly recommend this cruise!
It is one thing to be able to cruise and enjoy the wonders of the Greek Islands. However so much more impor ant is know that your Captain has the experience to know how to ensure the safety of passengers. This past week we have been fortunate enough to undertake the Classical Greek Cruise and we were very pleased to find Captain Andreas when we boarded. With his experience he watched the weather patterns and made an early call to change the route. Yes there was some initial disappointment that we would not get to Crete. But we had a fantastic voyage and saw such interesting places that we never expected. Furthermore we enjoyed a thoroughly comfortable trip and look forward to our next visit. Thank you to captain Andreas and all the crew of Harmony V
The whole experience was out standing. The Galileo is a great boat to sail on with the whole crew friendly and helpful. The food was excellent, the places we visited were unforgettable & the other guests were great. A must do holiday.