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10 May 2023


Woman checking her smartphone on a cruise ship.

Staying connected while at sea is essential for many people, and fortunately, internet access on cruise ships has become more widely available. Passengers can choose from a variety of options to access the internet while on board, including cellular at sea and ship Wi-Fi.

Cell service on cruise ships, also known as cellular at sea, is provided by many major cell phone carriers. However, it’s important to note that this service can be expensive, and passengers should check with their carrier to ensure coverage in the specific areas where the ship will be sailing. Alternatively, passengers can use Wi-Fi on cruise ships, which is available through the ship’s network. Many cruise lines offer cruise Wi-Fi packages, but it’s important to be aware of the cruise Wi-Fi cost as these packages can be expensive.

Cruise Wi-Fi and internet connection on cruise ships in general can be slower and less reliable than what passengers are used to on land due to the ship’s constant movement and the satellite connection that provides internet access. Streaming videos or downloading large files may be difficult or impossible, and tasks like checking email may take longer than usual. However, passengers who need more reliable and faster internet access, can choose the cruise ship satellite internet service available at some cruise ships for an additional fee.

Passengers should also consider all the cruise internet package options available. They may pick a cruise with free Wi-Fi, but this is often limited to certain areas of the ship or a certain amount of data usage. Other cruise lines offer paid Wi-Fi packages, which can range in price depending on the duration of the cruise and the amount of data needed. It’s important to consider the cruise ship Wi-Fi cost when deciding on a package.

In addition to Wi-Fi, some cell phone carriers offer Wi-Fi calling on cruise ships, which allows passengers to make calls and send texts using the ship’s Wi-Fi network instead of their cellular service. This can be a more cost-effective option for passengers who want to stay in touch with loved ones while at sea.

Rewarding its customers for their loyalty, Variety Cruises offers complimentary Wi-Fi to all of its repeated guests allowing them to share their “Variety” stories throughout their stay with all of their friends.

Overall, internet access and phone service on cruise ships has become more widely available, but it’s important for passengers to understand the limitations and costs associated with these services. By considering the available cruise internet plans and options for cellular service, passengers can choose the best way to stay connected while enjoying their cruise vacation.

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