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Health & Safety measures

Last update: October 9, 2023

Precautionary measures on our yachts, so you can travel with confidence and enjoy a comfortable small ship voyage.

Variety Cruises Policies currently in place include:

Variety Cruises recommends guests to research entry requirements for each country and consult their doctor for individual health precautions. Additionally, we strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance. 

Covid 19 vaccinations or pre-testing are no longer mandatory on Variety Cruises. Vaccinations are preferred, but not required.

With the consultation of The World Health Organization (WHO), we have adopted the below measures and sanitation protocols on our vessels.


We have implemented Health screening measures during the cruise for all guests and crew. This includes:

General Hygiene Practices & Standards

  • Usage of sanitizer dispensers are mandatory at embarkation/disembarkation as well as prior to entry at Restaurant area at meals.
  • Tour coaches during our scheduled excursions will be limited with capped capacity. Vehicles will be fully sanitized before each shore excursion.

Guest Accommodations

  • All cleaning, sterilization and disinfection material and equipment are ECDC compliant.
  • Daily UV sterilization of all staterooms and public areas.
  • Additional disinfection of all cabins and internal common areas is taking place every other day using PureSpace disinfection equipment when passengers are not onboard.
  • Higher frequency with increased levels of sanitization and disinfection in guests’ cabins with hospital grade disinfectants, including twice daily wipe-down of guest cabins and guests cabin corridors.
  • Injection of diluted cleaning solution into drains to avoid clogged pipes and preventing bacterial growth.
  • Disinfection of all air-conditioning and ventilation ducts.

Public Areas

High-touch areas such as handrails, buttons, table-tops, door handles etc. are sterilized twice per day at Mini Lounge – Bar areas and Restaurant Areas including galleys are sterilized before, during and after service. Upholstery, cushions, curtains are steam sterilized daily.

Food Hygiene Practices & Standards

Guest seating will ensure ample spacing; disposable cutlery will be provided, upon request.

Self-service at F&B buffet restaurants will be suspended. All food and beverages will be served to guests by crew members wearing face masks and disposable gloves.

Crew Members

  • Our crew is currently vaccinated for the prevention of COVID-19.
  • Twice/week Covid-19 Rapid self-tests for all Crew Members.
  • Twice daily temperature checks for Crew Members.
  • Our Crew receive professional health and hygiene training and undergo multiple familiarization seminars for best practices in cleaning and sterilizing.
  • Crew members have undergone courses in crisis and crowd management.
  • COVID-19 outbreak seminars are carried out across our fleet of small ship cruises, and an Outbreak Management plan is in place.

General Practices & Standards

  • Adequate stock of antibody tests and emergency crew uniforms are always available onboard.
  • Visitors are not allowed to come onboard during the cruise.

Some measures will remain in effect in certain countries and are subject to change at any time as we evaluate the situation and continue to consult with local health authorities as well as the WHO.

Sailing with Variety Cruises – Entrance Regulations per country


French Polynesia:


Cape Verde:

Rivers of West Africa:


The Gambia

Egypt, Jordan, Israel & the Suez Canal




Variety Cruises is ONLY responsible for predeparture and embarkation regulations and strongly recommends guests research each country and its requirements before issuing their flight tickets.

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