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17 September 2021


published in Cruise Industry News
Jarrod Zurvas, Director of Global Sales

Variety Cruises has appointed Jarrod Zurvas in a newly created role as Director of Global Sales, reporting to Chief Commercial Officer Malvina Vonta.

According to a press release, Zurvas brings with him a wealth of experience in the cruise market. Most recently, he served as the Director of Sales Asia Pacific for Quark Expeditions, previous to that Jarrod spent time with Scenic Cruises and Tours and Carnival Corporation.

“Variety is a family-built company and prides itself on small ships, experiential travel visiting destinations often off the tourist radar which is one of the many reasons why I was attracted to the company and role. As the travel industry makes its way out of the unprecedented events of the last 18 months, it’s these attributes that the discerning traveler will be looking for from their holiday hence the move. The challenge and responsibility of overseeing a global portfolio, opening new markets and growing the brand were also very appealing,” Zurvas commented on his appointment.

Asked about what the future travel landscape looks like beyond COVID-19, Zurvas said that travel is “instinctual” and won’t go anywhere.

“(O)ne’s desire to move, to discover, to be immersed by the unknown is engrained in our DNA. Travel will return to the same levels if not higher eventually. How one buys travel may differ, the popularity of certain destinations as they always do will fluctuate, and the way one reaches the destination may change, but the desire to ‘see’ will remain the same, so to that I say travel is in very good hands,” he stated.

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