10 breathtaking UNESCO sites to visit from your couch

Virtual Tour to UNESCO sites with VARIETY CRUISES

A glance at some of the UNESCO sites in Variety Cruises destinations. Sit back and get ready to be delighted.

1. Taputapuatea marae temple, Tahiti

Once considered the central temple and religious center of Eastern Polynesia and a must-see destination for anyone wanting to understand Pacific cultures and settlement. It features a number of marae and other stone structures and the original access point is from the water.

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2. Wadi Rum, Jordan

Famous for its stunning desert landscape, spectacular sandstone mountains, desert valleys, canyons, dunes, arches also called the Valley of the Moon. Wadi Rum has been used as a filming location in 'Lawrence of Arabia', 'Prometheus', 'The Martian' and many other movies. The sweeping, red-washed desert in Wadi Rum, Jordan, is eerily similar to a Martian landscape. It is located in southern Jordan 60 km to the east of Aqaba.

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3. Coiba island, Panama

Coiba Island is listed uninhabited island (except for a small ranger station) off the pacific coast of Panama. The whole national park covers a total of 38 islands, with Isla Coiba being the biggest. The forests of Coiba Island possess a high variety of endemic birds, mammals and plants. It serves as the last refuge for a number of threatened species that have largely disappeared from the rest of Panama, such as the Crested Eagle and the Scarlet Macaw.

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4. Aeolian islands, Italy

Gnarled, reddish lava formations grace many of these chiseled island coasts, sometimes jutting up from the seafloor. The Aeolians are arguably the most pristine archipelago in the entire Mediterranean. Stromboli’s volcano is rightly known as the “lighthouse of the Mediterranean” because every night lava erupts from the top and streams down into the sea. It’s a truly mesmerizing sight, especially when enjoyed from the outdoor deck of a night boat.

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saloum delta senegal

5. Saloum Delta National Park, Senegal

In Saloum Delta National Park you can see the jackal run along the beach, hear the hyenas roar in the dark and watch the oysters grow densely up tree roots in the mangrove forest. Saloum Delta National Park in Senegal is a unique area and became a Unesco Heritage Site in 2011 because of its marine ecosystem and cultural landscape with traditional fisheries, shellfish harvesting and salt extraction.

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 wassu stone circle 2302942 1920

6. Stone Circles, Gambia

Senegambian Stone Circles forming circles, are 2m in height and weigh up to 7 tons each. Although these are not massive structures like those of Stonehenge in England or the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the incredible feature of the Senegambian Stone Circles is that there are more than 1000 of them spread over an area that is 100 km wide and 350 km in length. Now, this is a truly remarkable achievement.

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varietycruises cruises capeverde header1

7. Santiago (Praia), Cape Verde

Santiago is the biggest island of Cape Verde. Stunning beaches, green mountains and the interesting mix of African and Portuguese culture. Cabo Verde is not a trendy travel destination and that’s why it’s so special. With its capital of Praia in the southeast, Santiago has had a strong influence on the history of the archipelago. 

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Delos Medium

8. Delos, Greece

It’s an ark of history, floating lazily on the waters of the Aegean Sea, just a few miles away from cosmopolitan Mykonos. It’s a chance to walk around the revival of the glory of the Greek civilization. It’s the head priest of the Cyclades, the birthplace of the immortals. It’s Delos.

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corfu ionian islands greece

9. Old town of Corfu, Greece

The old part of Corfu town is one of the most charming and romantic places in Greece. It is a perfect example of ancient Venetian and Byzantine art that will be able to fascinate you with its little streets and its panoramic points.

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Vallee de Mai Seychelles

10. Vallee de Mai on Praslin, Seychelles

The palm forest in Vallée de Mai (Vallee de Mai), untouched until 1930, is a descendant of the primeval forest of the Gondwana continent. Here live numerous plants and animals which are found only on the granitic islands of Seychelles. The most exclusive plant here is coco de mer palm, the largest seed in the world.

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