• Seychelles Octopus Curry

    Seychelles Octopus Curry

    The daily catch: Experience market-to-table food with Rufus, our local Seychellois Chef.
    A scrumptious creole dish from the Seychelles. You can taste it if you decide to join us in one of our cruises. Until then, you can try it at home. VIEW VIDEO >
  • Makatea island

    Makatea island

    between the Tuamotus and the Society Islands
    There are only 3 islands like Makatea on the planet. Originally, it was an atoll but it was raised a hundred meters when the island of Tahiti formed.
  • Our top 5 Birdwatching Destinations

    Our top 5 Birdwatching Destinations

    Travel with people having the same interests as you
    One of the benefits of travelling on board our small intimate ships, is that you get to travel with fellow Variety Cruises passengers who share the same interests as you.
  • 7 Days in Costa Rica Panama

    7 Days in Costa Rica Panama

    Through the eyes of Simos Bakas, Sales Manager UK
    In the New Year 2020 I had the pleasure of joining the M/S PanOrama on her wonderful 8 day yacht cruise from Panama City to the remote shores of Eastern Panama and then on to the verdant beauty that is Costa Rica.
  • Rivers of West Africa with Variety Cruises

    Rivers of West Africa with Variety Cruises

    by Helen Jackson

    Rivers of West Africa with Variety Cruises seemed an ideal way to explore what is essentially a narrow strip of land on both sides of the River Gambia. It also allowed us to dip a toe into neighbouring Senegal for the first time.

  • Easter (Pascha) in Greece

    Easter (Pascha) in Greece

    Fiery and Ethereal Greek Easter traditions

    A fantastic time to be in Greece, Easter is best enjoyed in the countryside, in the villages and small towns where old traditions keep strong.

  • Game of Thrones Destinations

    Game of Thrones Destinations

    Relive Game of Thrones' Iconic Scenes
    Game of Thrones might have ended but you can still find yourself immersed in the real-life destinations that served as the fantasies epic backdrop. From seaside Croatian villages to verdant Spanish gardens experience an unforgettable journey through must-see filming locations.
  • Seychelles Gardens of Eden with Variety Cruises

    Seychelles Gardens of Eden with Variety Cruises

    The astronaut and Victor

    Chris Hadfield, the author of ‘Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth’, said “the windows of a spaceship casually frame miracles and continents are surrounded by islands sprinkled across the sea like delicate shards of shattered eggshells”.Part3

  • Seychelles Gardens of Eden with Variety Cruises

    Seychelles Gardens of Eden with Variety Cruises

    Noddy and the chocolate

    Each evening Vivek (Cruise Coordinator) would brief us, in the lounge, on the following day’s activities and excursions. Part2

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