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20 May 2023


Preparing the sunbeds on the cruise ship deck.

Cruise ships offer travelers a unique way to explore the world while enjoying a comfortable and luxurious experience on board. These floating resorts are equipped with an impressive range of cruise ship facilities and amenities as well as exemplary cruise line services designed to enhance the passengers’ overall cruise experience. Are you ready to explore with us all cruise ship amenities available?

Laundry on cruise ships

Doing laundry on a cruise ship can be even more convenient than it sounds. Variety Cruises offers limited cruise laundry services at a cost allowing passengers to pack fewer clothes and have their laundry taken care of if they wish.

Spa & Beauty Therapy on cruise ships

The M/Y Pegasos and the M/Y Variety Voyager offer a small wellness suite for a cruise massage and other beauty treatments to help passengers get rid of all the tension, relax and rejuvenate.

Cruise ship food service

The food on the cruise and passenger ship beverage service is something that many passengers look forward to. Variety Cruises offer elegant dining rooms, spacious sun decks and lounge areas where guests can enjoy beverage services, such as cocktails and coffee, while taking in the views from the ship.

Service crew in cruise ship

In addition to the above, the cruise ship customer service is available around the clock to assist passengers with any needs they may have. The ship is also equipped with cruise cleaning and maintenance crews to ensure that the ship remains clean and well-maintained throughout the journey.

The facilities and amenities of a cruise ship have been designed to enhance your overall cruise experience. From laundry services to childcare, and tailored customer service, cruise ships are equipped to cater to the needs of all types of travelers. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing vacation or an adventure-filled journey, a cruise ship has everything you need to sail in comfort.

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