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SPRING OFFERS! Enjoy up to 50% OFF! SPRING OFFERS! Enjoy up to 50% OFF!
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Underwater sea life with sharks in turquoise waters
13 Jul 2024 -
29 Dec 2025
11 days
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Tahiti & The Society Islands
Join us on board our 10-night sailing, roundtrip from Tahiti unraveling the Society Islands. Uncover the islands of two archipelagos by small ship. Bora Bora, Taha'a, Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea - islands sculpted by sky-piercing, moss-green peaks and lined with vivid turquoise lagoons. Island hopping allows you to see every landscape, from geometric ridges strung with waterfalls on the high islands to flat, desert-like atolls where lagoons far outsize the landmass.
There are many sides to The Islands of Tahiti. Yet they are all connected by Mana. Mana is a life force and spirit that surrounds us. You can see it. Touch it. Taste it. Feel it.
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Tropical flower in a busket
Day 1
Your adventure begins at the picturesque Papeete port, Society Islands, where you'll board the sleek beauty M/Y Panorama II. Boarding Time: 3pm As you step on board, immerse yourself in a world of ambience and hospitality with a gracious welcome, a refreshing drink, and a delectable Welcome Dinner that sets the perfect tone for your journey ahead. As twilight descends, we'll bid farewell to Papeete and set sail for the enchanting island of Moorea.
Variety Cruises' ship travelling with tropical islands on the background
Day 2
Moorea, often referred to as "The Magical Island," is said to have been the muse behind the mythical Bali Hai from James Michener's Tales of the South Pacific, and it stands as one of the most breathtaking gems in French Polynesia. As we lay at anchor in Moorea, you will enjoy swimming, snorkeling and watersports from our swimming platform in her beautiful sapphire waters! A delicious lunch will boost your energy for your afternoon exploration of the island! Join us on an enchanting 3.5-hour island tour (INCLUDED IN THE CRUISE FARES) where your knowledgeable guide will regale you with captivating tales of Moorea's rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse ecology. Traverse through the lush Opunohu Valley, ascend the slopes of Mt. Tohi'e'a, and meander past the picturesque Cook's and Opunohu Bays. After this delightful and included tour, relish in some free time to explore Moorea at your leisure before we set sail for our next destination, Huahine.
panoramic view of tropical islands
Day 3
Huahine, often likened to the mythical Garden of Eden, emerges as a vast tropical paradise teeming with life. Its lush expanses are adorned with coconut groves, vanilla orchids, banana plantations, breadfruit trees, and sprawling watermelon fields, creating a tapestry of vibrant colors and fragrant scents Today offers the freedom to explore Huahine at your own pace or partake in our meticulously crafted optional Private Motu Picnic and Snorkeling tour: Board the comfortable, traditional outrigger canoe for a cruise to Huahine. Along the way your guides will share the island`s history, sacred legends and provide insight into island life. Then there is a stop in the coral gardens for snorkeling among the many species of tropical fish. After working up a good appetite, you will enjoy a delectable picnic on a white, sandy motu. On the way back stop at the aquarium to meet the fish and reef sharks. Overnight in Huahine.
A coconut on a tropical island
Day 4
A single day scarcely does justice to the allure of Huahine! Today, you have the freedom to explore Huahine at your leisure or opt for Our optional tour taking us in many of the island's temples and small villages offering a chance to see and feed the sacred blue-eyed eels of Faie Bay, as well as visit a vanilla plantation. If you’re a keen cook, we recommend you purchase vanilla beans while here; you won’t find tastier - or cheaper! - versions elsewhere. Overnight at sea to Bora Bora.
panoramic view of tropical islands
Day 5
Without a doubt, Bora Bora reigns supreme as the crown jewel of the South Pacific, holding the spotlight as French Polynesia's undisputed star. Today, we've arranged for you to experience the essence of Bora Bora with a unique excursion aboard Le Truck, a vibrant journey lasting approximately 2.5 hours (included in cruise fares). Climb aboard this colorful chariot as it guides you through Bora Bora's picturesque landscapes. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Tahitian history, traditions, and cultures as your knowledgeable guide narrates the 22-mile road encircling this legendary island. Explore the villages of Farepiti, Faanui, and Anau, each adorned with ancient "Marae" shrouded in mystery. And as your adventure unfolds, be captivated by the breathtaking vistas from Matira Point, a vantage point offering unparalleled panoramas of paradise. Overnight in Bora Bora.
Bora Bora islands
Day 6
One mere day in Bora Bora simply doesn't suffice! As you descend, camera in hand, prepare for the awe-inspiring moment when the iconic Mount Otemanu graces your view Once Bora Bora captivates your gaze, it's a memory that stays etched in your heart forever. Therefore, ensure your second day in Bora Bora is brimming with unforgettable moments that will linger with you for years to come. Whether you choose to explore at your own pace or join us on one of our meticulously crafted optional Shore Excursions, seize the opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime. Overnight at sea to Taha’a.
Panoramic view of a coral island
Day 7
Taha’a fondly referred to as Vanilla Island, boasts an exquisite natural landscape. Its verdant valleys are adorned with lush banana, watermelon, and coconut plantations. Resembling a flower in shape, the island serves as a sprawling sanctuary for the prized Tahitian vanilla orchid. Taha'a shares a continuous coral reef and crystal-clear lagoon, enhancing its allure as an idyllic retreat. As we lay at anchor in Taha’a, you will enjoy swimming, snorkeling and watersports from our swimming platform in her beautiful sapphire waters! Today, guests can opt for a leisurely exploration or embark on our enticing Vanilla Plantation & Rhumerie optional Shore Excursion, promising a delightful journey into Taha'a's aromatic world. Overnight in Taha’a.
Pannorama II cruise ship anchored in Papeete island, Tahiti
Day 8
With its name translating to "faraway heaven," Raiatea once stood as the paramount cultural and religious hub of the Society Islands. Today, Raiatea is believed to be a sacred resting place for the spirits of these ancestors, drawing pilgrims seeking spiritual connection. Embark on our enriching Shore Excursion to the Faaroa River with a Motu Beach Break (included in cruise fares), where you'll journey aboard a traditional Polynesian outrigger canoe. Arriving at a serene motu, or islet, immerse yourself in the warm embrace of the sea and bask in the rejuvenating sun, a perfect interlude to your Raiatea exploration. Overnight in Raiatea.
A beach next to a tropical forest
Day 9
Immerse yourself in the captivating tales and ancient legends, beckoning you to uncover its mysteries. Whether you yearn to traverse its verdant jungles or plunge into its sapphire-blue waters, Raiatea promises an enriching journey. Savor the freedom to craft your day at your leisure, or opt to join one of our tailored optional Shore Excursions, curated to offer a deeper immersion into the island's unique ambiance, allowing you to embrace the essence of Mana. After dinner, set sail for Moorea.
Aerial view of the Panorama II cruise ship in the crystal waters of Tahiti
Day 10
Today, our voyage brings us back to Moorea. It's no wonder that Moorea continues to captivate; it's a true marvel of nature. Today grants you the freedom to explore at your own pace or partake in one of our optional shore excursions. Overnight at sea to Papeete.
Shot of the Panorama II cruise ship in the sea
Day 11
Discover the capital of Tahiti. Begin your day with the ½ day included excursion to the West Coast, visiting the Venus Point, the Faarumai Waterfalls (20 min hike, very easy) and the Arahoho blow hole. The East coast is considered as the "wild side" of Tahiti where you can only see black sand beach without any lagoon. Return to the ship for lunch and then take some free time to wander through the downtown municipal market, Le Marché, or explore LA Centre Vaima. For an authentic local experience, visit Vai'ete Square after sunset. Dinner on board.
A Variety Cruises' ship anchored in a port
Day 12
Breakfast on board, before disembarkation at 09:00AM
White map of 10 night cruise in Society Islands in blue background

In case of severe weather conditions our expertly designed routes are adjusted ensuring your safety & comfort by applying our rich marine knowledge, garnered since 1949. Stay flexible – Adventure on.

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    A boat sailing next to two tropical islands
    Beyond Imagination: Rangiroa
    240 islets string together in the ocean for more than 110 miles (177 km), completely encircling a deep lagoon. This is Rangiroa, a place that is simply beyond human imagination. Also the world’s second largest atoll, Rangiroa is a place where land and sea form an unexpected truce.
    Aerial photo of a tropical island with turquoise waters
    Sailing into Bora Bora Lagoon
    Ah, Bora Bora. Sail into one of the most photographed places in the world, the Bora Bora lagoon with Mount Otemanu standing tall in the center. Beyond the turquoise lagoon and dazzlingly white sandy stretches of beach, experience the island differently: Hike, snorkel with stingrays and sharks or visit unknown archaeological sites located on private family lands.
    Ancient ruins in a tropical forest
    Undiscovered Tuamotus
    Slices of Paradise: the relatively undiscovered Tuamotus are the jewels in its Pacific island crown. Far from the glitz and glam of iconic Bora Bora, the Tuamotu archipelago feels distinct from the rest of French Polynesia.
    Wherever we sail, we do so with purpose. Our mission is to create life-enriching experiences at sea for our guests, and a better world for us all. We’re transparent about carbon emissions, always aiming to improve our footprint. Our journeys are designed to get you closer to the things that matter: whether that’s an island reachable only by boat, or by ensuring your adventure honours and gives back to local communities. We always have fun at sea, but we do it responsibly.
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    View to a tradional village in a tropical island
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