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A woman swimming in the turquoise sea
Tourists with local people


Imagine timeless and exotic destinations, picturesque cities and private beaches only accessible only by small boats. Deployed in the most unique destinations worldwide including Greece, Italy, Malta, the Seychelles, Tahiti and the islands of French Polynesia, Costa Rica & Panama, Middle East and the Red Sea, West Africa, Cape Verde and more. Our small boats will take you deeper into the heart of each destination. Drop your anchors… you have arrived on board your Home Away from Home.

A woman swimming in the turquoise sea with rocky mountains in the background
Light blue circle icon Greece
A tropical beach with turquoise waters and a rocky cliff in the background in the Seychelles Variety Cruises
light blue icon Seychelles
Bora Bora Beach with Clear Turquoise Waters and a Variety Cruises Yacht
Light blue circle icon Tahiti
Aerial view of small ships anchored in a tropical beach with turquoise waters
Map of Cape Verde with "Cape Verde" text Cape Verde
Tourists transfered on a local boat
Light blue circle West Africa
Monkeys in Costa Rica with Variety Cruises
Light blue circle Costa Rica & Panama
Ancient Pyramids in Egypt
light blue circle icon Egypt, Jordan, Israel
Sea view from a clif
Light blue icon Italy & Malta
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