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We are delighted to share with you the VARIETY CRUISES home at sea collection.
Our collection consists of hand-picked items, designed around the unique small boat experience, allowing our guests to bring back home a piece of the experience. 100% OF THE PROFITS from our merchandise go straight back to the mission of VARIETY CARES supporting clean oceans, gender equality, and education for all. So you can comfortably enjoy your souvenirs, while creating A BETTER WORLD AT SEA.

Our wide selection of product collaborations are aligned with our philosophy of creating a better world of as sea. Just like us, our hand-picked partners believe in crafting unique experiences that enrich the soul, while always seeking for materials and processes that reduce the negative impact on our physical and cultural environment, while supporting the local economy.

We invite you to always feel at HOME AT SEA, whatever adventure your compass may guide you to next…stay adventurous.

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Drink, Protect, Reuse: Travel with your new best friend, as you refresh, rejuvenate, and stay hydrated, while creating a better world at sea. The sleek minimal lines of our VARIETY thermos will be your perfect companion on a hike, on a relaxing beach day, at the gym, or as you relax soaking in the warm rays of the sun.
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Always feel at home at Sea as the soft threads of our beach towel remind you that the summer is a state of mind, and all you need to do is close your eyes and imagine the soft sounds of a crystal-clear blue sea, softly landing on the pristine beaches only our small boats can reach.
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We invite you to take a piece of our small boat adventures back home, hoping this little box of herbs from around the world brings back a sweet sense of nostalgia for your time at sea. Wherever you may be, close your eyes and imagine the unobstructed open-air views, the beautiful sound of the soft waves, and the endless sunsets of the magic of the sea.
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This brave selection of herbs has created the aroma of the seas, as we invite you to take the experience back home, hoping this little box of herbs from around the world brings back a sweet sense of nostalgia for your time at Sea. Enjoy the small boat adventure, wherever you may be, letting your imagination roam free with your senses.
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Enjoy this organic, sustainably crafted bag wherever you may be, packing your favorite belongings as you venture on your next adventure. Summer is a state of mind, so we invite you to live the endless summer with your soft and comfortable Variety bag, wherever your compass guides you next.
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It is with great pride that we invite you to our hand-crafted collaboration with Greek family wine connoisseur HATZIMICHALIS. Together we crafted this unique blend with the palette of a dry Greek summer's day sailing by the sea at mind. We hope you enjoy it at your home pleasantly reminiscing your adventure at sea.
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Stay shaded with a cap of your color preference that always reminds you to safely enjoy the sun. As always, with a touch of VARIETY magic.
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Our white & blue quality cotton t-shirts have a simple-life philosophy adhering with our brand colors that represent the colors of our Greek Flag; our homebase. Enjoy it for a workout, a beach-day, or even as your soft pajama.

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Alchemia was born out of a mother’s desire to create something natural for her daughters with sensitive skin. This soap was mindfully created with a common vision to make the world a better place as we aim to transform your daily routines into intentional self-care rituals. This soap is handmade in Greece using the ­nest ingredients by Alkistis Venetopoulos, 3rd generation granddaughter of the founder of Variety Cruises, to honor our family tradition at sea.
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