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25 October 2023


A couple enjoying the view from a small cruise ship

Cruising is a wonderful way to explore many destinations on a single trip and enjoy a relaxing vacation but for some travelers, the fear of motion sickness can be a problem. If you’re worried about feeling seasick on a cruise, stop worrying as we are about to share with you some tips and advise on how to prevent seasickness on a cruise.

The location of your cabin can play a significant role in preventing motion sickness. Book a cabin on lower decks and towards the middle of the ship, as this area tends to experience less motion compared to cabins located at the front or rear. Some travelers prefer to have access to natural light and fresh air to alleviate symptoms so in that case prefer a cabin with a window. Variety Cruises offers a wide selection of cabins to choose from including cabins with windows on the upper & main deck that will help you travel more comfortably.

If you’re prone to motion sickness, maybe you should speak to your doctor and ask him to prescribe you some medication or simply choose some over-the-counter medicine that can be beneficial.  Acupressure wristbands or else known as sea bands, can also do the trick. You can find them at a local pharmacy.

A light, balanced diet can also help you avoid seasickness on cruise. Try to avoid anything greasy, spicy, or heavy while on board. You should also stay hydrated and avoid alcohol consumption.

If again you are feeling seasick and wondering how to stop sea sickness on a cruise, try to focus on a single object or the horizon to alleviate the feeling of motion. Also try to stay in open areas of the ship as the fresh air can work like magic.

Motion sickness should not keep you from enjoying a wonderful cruise vacation so be prepared, take proactive steps, and enjoy your cruise to the fullest!

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