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18 May 2023


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A cruise holiday by definition gives you the chance to visit many destinations at once, encounter different cultures and civilizations, explore new lands and experience diverse activities and adventures. Even a shift in weather conditions and temperatures can throw you off your plans so make sure to make all necessary provisions and greatly consider what to pack for a cruise ahead of time. By breaking down all things to consider and all expected packing dilemmas we have created the ultimate checklist of what to take on a cruise.


  1. Casual Attire

If you are wondering where to start, casual attire would be on the top of the list of things to take on a cruise. Whether on board or ashore, you’ll want to have a number of comfortable and casual outfits in order to walk around. Depending on the weather you can make your selection amidst shorts, jeans or khakis, dresses and skirts, tank tops, t-shirts and long sleeve shirts, a sweater and some sort of jacket. You also need a swimsuit and cover up, nightwear, flip-flops and snickers, underwear, socks and maybe a belt and a hat.

  1. Formal Attire

Cruise ships usually offer a great selection of dining rooms so you can choose if you wish to wear a more formal attire. When stopping at a port you may also decide to go for a formal drink or dinner so if you are wondering what to pack for a 7-day cruise you may also consider a dress, a dress shirt or blouse with dress pants, dress shoes or sandals.

  1. Personal Items

Besides clothes there are also many personal things you need for a cruise that will make you feel safe and secure. Such things include your boarding documents, your phone, luggage tags, passport, id, emergency contact numbers, cash and credit card, toiletries, backpack, medication, motion sickness pills or patches, ear plugs, waterproof phone case, phone charger, sunscreen, lotion, sunglasses, wristwatch, wet wipes, toothbrush, brush, floss, mouthwash, deodorant, cotton swabs, feminine products, makeup and makeup remover, glasses or contact lenses with dispenser, hair straightener, shampoo, conditioner and hair products.

  1. Cool Things

Considering that you’ve taken care of all necessities, there are also a number of cool things to bring on a cruise such as your camera, books, magazines, laptop and boardgames.

  1. Things for Kids

Families travelling with young kids have much more to consider when thinking of things needed for a cruise. You can make a separate check list for kids with options such as wipes, sippy cups, food containers, toys, stroller, kid medicine, clothes for all weather conditions, beachwear, hats, sunscreen lotion, bath products, sheets, and blankets. The same goes for teenage kids when trying to figure out what to pack for a cruise holiday. Clothes, shoes, hats, bath products, nightwear, beachwear and swimwear, snorkel or water shoes, as well as books and gadgets that can keep them entertained at all times.

  1. Accessories & Extras

If you are still in a pickle over what you need for a cruise we have thought of a few more things that you may want to pack. An umbrella in case it rains, a beach umbrella, foldable tent or other beach accessories, a small or a large bag to match your outfits, a first aid kit and of course make sure to consider all travel documents for your transfers and gear you may need if you wish to test your limits in any extreme sports, watersports or mountain adventures.

  1. For your Cabin

If you want to give your cabin a homely feel you may also consider a few more things when preparing your what to pack for a cruise checklist. Such things may include some potpourri, alarm clock, shoe organizer, laundry bag, outlet adopter, nightlight, small fan, hangers or magnetic hooks.


Consider your what to pack for a cruise checklist done! Now, check it twice.

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