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17 December 2019


Responsible Tourism
In regards to our Variety Cares, our Foundation aims to contribute to the welfare of all destinations we visit worldwide. Particularly in Gambia, since our first visit in the area back in 2010, we went a step further by truly getting involved with and support the local community.

With the support of our local cruise director who became the liaison between the company, its guests, and the local community we built a school from scratch.

The Lamin Koto School in Kuntaur village, Gambia, a charitable project that was funded by donations of past passengers and Variety Cruises. In 2010 our West Africa cruise became a unique opportunity to get involved with local communities when we discovered the need to provide additional education infrastructure to the village of Lamin Koto by the Gambian River.

The school improved the schooling conditions and lives of 100 children from Lamin Koto and four neighboring villages, providing them with a new 4-classroom school building that opened in 2012. We hope to build more classrooms, improve the water supply and, given time, offer free education to all the children in the area.

In 2014 as part of our passion to support the education of The Gambia, Variety Cruises initiated the Kuntaur Film Festival. The Festival was born from a wish to bring the cinema experience to villages in The Gambia with limited or no access to electricity. Focus lies on sharing educational and classical films from all over the globe with local communities, with children at the forefront being the overwhelming majority. An abandoned skill center in Kuntaur with a missing roof provided the ideal first setting for the ultimate outdoors cinema experience. The Festival’s mission as it continues to grow is to connect Global Film Communities within The Gambia, and to provide a platform for emerging talent.

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