SPRING OFFERS! Enjoy up to 50% OFF! SPRING OFFERS! Enjoy up to 50% OFF!
SPRING OFFERS! Enjoy up to 50% OFF! SPRING OFFERS! Enjoy up to 50% OFF!
SPRING OFFERS! Enjoy up to 50% OFF! SPRING OFFERS! Enjoy up to 50% OFF!
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12 May 2023


Couple holding hands on the beach.

Romantic boat cruises can be the best option for a couple’s getaway as they can combine many diverse destinations, experiences, activities, and adventures all wrapped in one. We are here to help you organize the most romantic cruises for couples in just 5 steps. Let’s begin.

  1. The Right Time

Before beginning your search for the best cruises for couples you should pick the time of the year that you are planning to travel as it is a key factor for the level of romance you are about to experience as especially during summer you will find many families on board that might spoil your romantic mood.

  1. The Perfect Match

After checking out some of the top cruises for couples you need to consider all aspects so as to find the perfect match for you.  Make sure to study all cruise couple packages, special couples cruise deals and programs that match your style and budget. Being one of the best luxury cruise lines for couples, Variety Cruises offers a specially designed Honeymoon package for newlyweds with a 10% discount on the cruise fair, bubbly champagne upon arrival, a complimentary couple’s massage and a candlelight dinner for two.

  1. The Wild Adult

You are a couple on a cruise. No children, no responsibilities, no worries whatsoever. It’s about time to wake your wild side. Offering one of the best cruises for young couples, Variety Cruises is considered one of the best cruise lines for a honeymoon to remember. Enjoy a couple’s massage, a romantic dinner for two, a thrilling excursion or an exciting activity with your significant other. Because let’s face it. You are an adult and you can do whatever you want!

  1. The Time for Romance

Now that you’ve made all arrangements on one of the best cruise ships for couples, make sure it’s worth it. Isn’t romance what you seek? Well, a couple on a cruise ship can definitely figure out a few ways to rekindle romance. Whether enjoying a soothing couple’s massage, a romantic candlelight dinner overlooking the azure of the sea, a romantic excursion, a sunset cruise, a romantic piano evening, a horseback riding adventure, a swim under the waterfalls, you name it! But let’s begin with a bottle of champagne and roses upon arrival.

  1. The Moment of Adventure

There are several exotic cruises for couples that will certainly take you of your comfort zone. But think about it, maybe it’s time to let go and experience something out of the ordinary with your significant other, creating memories to last a lifetime.


A cruise can be an utterly romantic experience if properly planned so select one of the many great cruises for couples and plan away.

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